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September 10th, 2017

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September 15th, 2017

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September 30th, 2017

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2016, Montreal, Canada
2015, Puebla, Mexico
2014, Bariloche, Argentina
2013, Moscow, Russia
2012, Ansan, South Korea
2011, Toulouse, France
2010, Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil


Spectrum Aerospace Research Corporation

Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen TIMA IEEE CASS

Leibniz Rechenzentrum


Poster Submission is open via EasyChair.
Early registration is now open until 10th September.


This four-day school SERESSA combines academic, government, and industrial communities working in the area of radiation effects on embedded systems. Radiation effects are a significant concern for space and avionic systems, as well as for critical applications operating at ground level (automotive, medical , banking). Lecturers with significant experience in key selected subjects will provide complete state-of-the-art instruction in this strategic field. The school is based on lectures, exercises, and practical courses involving real case studies using the common tools of the domain. The topics cover the full spectrum of radiation effects on space embedded systems: space environment, error mechanisms, testing, hardening by design, rate prediction. The intended audience includes both beginning and experienced researchers, engineers, and post-graduate students wishing to enhance their knowledge base in this rapidly evolving field. Topics covered by SERESSA include: radiation environment, spacecraft anomalies, single-event effects (SEE), total dose effects (TID), radiation effects in power systems, radiation effects in solar cells, architecture hardening in analog, and digital circuits and in memories, software hardening, effects in FPGAs, hardness assurance, rate prediction, radiation testing, laser testing and remote testing experiments.


Early Registration Fee: EUR 350, Deadline: September 10th, 2017.
Regular Registration Fee: EUR 450.

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Refund policy:

Refund policy: Refund requests must be send by email in writting to the local arrangement chair Jaime Estela at before 30th September 2017. Administrative fees of 50 EUR will be applied.

SERESSA 2017 Poster Session

Participants of SERESSA are invited to present their main line of research and recent results during the poster session. The scope of the session is to promote interaction among different groups and to stimulate possible collaborations among participants. To present a poster in SERESSA please follow these instructions.

Submit a text-only abstract of no more than 200 words in pdf format to the following website:
Submission web page for SERESSA 2017.

The deadline for the submission is 15th September.
The acceptance notification will be sent on 30th September.
Please note that there is a limit in the number of posters that can be presented.