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September 10th, 2017

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September 15th, 2017

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September 30th, 2017

Previous Schools

2016, Montreal, Canada
2015, Puebla, Mexico
2014, Bariloche, Argentina
2013, Moscow, Russia
2012, Ansan, South Korea
2011, Toulouse, France
2010, Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil


Spectrum Aerospace Research Corporation

Technische Universität München TIMA IEEE CASS

Leibniz Rechenzentrum


The school takes place on October 23rd - 26th, 2017. More information to come.

DAY 1 - Monday 23rd October

8:00 Registration

9:00 Opening Remarks

P. Fouillat (IMS, France) R. Velazco (TIMA, France)

Opening Local Chair

J. Estela (Spectrum Aerospace, Germany)

Technical Program Overview

O. Ait Mohamed (Concordia Univ., Canada)

M. Canales (xxxxx, Germany)

9:15 Space and Earth Radiation Environments. Key Space Weather Issues in the framework of Nanosatellites

M. Famá (CEATSA, Argentina)

10:30 Coffee-Break and Poster Session

11:00 Single Event Effects (SEE): Mechanisms and Classifications

S. Buchner (NRL, USA)

12:00 Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical (EEE) Parts in the New Space Paradigm: When is Better the Enemy of Good Enough?

K. A. LaBel (NASA, USA) 13:00—14:30 Lunch

14:30 Single Event Effects Test Methods

  1. Tapero (RISI, Russia)

    15:30 SEE effects on VLSI devices (ASIC and FPGA)

  2. Sterpone (POLITO, Italy)

16:30 Coffee break and Poster Session

17:00 Accurate Abstraction and High Level Modeling and Validation of SEE in Electronic Systems,

O. Ait Mohamed (Concordia Univ., Canada) 18:00 End of first day activities

DAY 2 - Tuesday 24th October

8:00 Registration

8:30 COTS in Space: Constraints, Limitations and Disruptive Capability

Michel Pignol (CNES, France)

9:30 Space-COTS: Qualified commercial components for space


10:30 Coffee-break and Poster Session

11:00 COTS for Deep Space Missions


12:00 Space activities Current projects and strategic view in Germany

TBD (Germany)

13:00—14:30 Lunch

14:30 EMI and Ionizing Radiation Effects on ICs: the need for combined tests

F. Vargas (PUCRS, Brazil)

15:30 Laser Testing Laser Simulation Test Possibilities and Facilities

P. Fouillat (IMS, France) and D. McMorrow (NRL, USA) 16:30 Coffee-break and Poster Session

17:00 Hardening-by-Design Techniques for Analog and Mixed-signals

D. Loveless (University of Tennessee, USA) 18:00 End of second day activities

DAY 3 - Wednesday 25th October

8:00 Registration

8:30 Radiation Effects Hardness Assurance

S. Buchner (NRL, USA)

9:30 System Hardening and Real Applications

M. Pignol (CNES, France)

10:30 Coffee-break and Poster Session

11:00 Development of a Hardened 150nm Standard Cell library

J. Baptista dos Santos Martins (SMDH / UFSM, Brazil)

12:00 Non-volatile Memories and Their Space Applications

A. Paccagnella (University of Padova, Italy) 13:00 —14:30 Lunch

14:30 Industrial (or whatever else) visit TBC

20:00 Gala diner

DAY 4 - Thursday 26th October

8:00 Registration

8:30 Microprocessor testing: characterization tests, mitigation

H. Quinn (LANL, US)

9:30 New Developments in FPGA: SEUs and Fail-Safe Strategies from the NASA Goddard Perspective

M. Berg (NASA, USA)

10:30 Coffee break and Poster Session

11:00 Embedded Systems for Nanosatellites


12:00 Mitigating SEU and MBU Using Backward Error Recovery Approach in SRAM Based FPGA

F. Ghaffari (ETIS, France) 13:00 —14:30 Lunch

14:30 Fault Injection Methodologies

L. Entrena (UCIII, Spain)

15:30 Error-rate Prediction for Programmable Circuits: Methodology, Tools and Studied Cases

R. Velazco (TIMA, France)

16:30 Coffee break and Poster Session

17:00 Multi and Many core Processors: Validation by radiation tests of Robust applications benefitting of the multiplicity of cores

N. Zergainoh (TIMA, France)

18:00 Concluding remarks

R. Velazco (TIMA, France) & P. Fouillat (IMS, France)